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Where in the world are Rockbox users

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Too many damn Rockbox users. ;)

(for my computer...)

australia n i think i marked it correctly


--- Quote from: infamis on September 08, 2006, 09:45:09 PM ---Too many damn Rockbox users. ;)

(for my computer...)

--- End quote ---

I'm aware of this problem, but fixing it isn't easy (especially considering I'm an absolute hack when it comes to javascript). If anyone's interested in fixing this (by dynamically adding and removing markers close to eachother based on zoom-level), speak up and I'll be glad to let you.

Hey, there's a quite a few people in France...nice :P

im in canada ;D

btw, hi everyone, i just decided to finally get over my fear and try out rockbox. i gotta say, i love it so much! its great, way better than the original firmware for my iPod nano.

i love the fact it plays my ogg files now  ;D

thank you so much for writing this firmware everyone 8-)
(you have a new full-time user now)


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