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Where in the world are Rockbox users

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I've sometimes wondered once in a while how Rockbox users are spread out geographically, so I have created a little thing using Google maps,
which could end up being a nice map of Rockbox users.

So head on to and add yourself if you
want to be on this map. It's fast and easy.

I neither want nor need your street address, real name, email or
anything personal like that (although you can enter your real name and
email if you like). Be as precise as you feel comfortable with.

(originally posted on the mailinglist)

I am going to assume you actually meant to have this read, so I moved it to the new forums. ::)

Oh yes indeed. Apparently I wasn't quite paying attention when I posted it.

Thank you.

Great idea rasher! Now we can have a crude estimation on heavy rockbox users. :D

Apparently the Central timezone in the US has a strong anti-Rockbox sentiment...


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