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Is there anyway to play .wma files on rockbox?

Seriously, are the categories that hard to understand? Asking about playing audio... go to Audio Playback.

WMA isn't supported yet. Until someone gets a decoder working it won't be. Unfortunately, nobody who's worked on it has gotten very far, and those who have, haven't really shared with us their work in progress, so we can't even implement partial support.

Sorry...Lol I was kinda surprised when the forums changed......

Awww that sucks.

Nobody should've been suprised. It was announced nearly a week in advance.

Getting WMA working requires someone taking an open source WMA decoder (not too many) and converting it to fixed point (rather tedious and work intensive) then optimizing it so it plays fast (a job that can be split among many) . Of course, most of the people who want WMA support can't/won't do this, and most of the people in the project to have the skills prefer other formats anyway.

If only I knew how to compile and all that stuff....


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