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i have recently installed rockbox on my 30gb vipod(thanks to brandon_6)...and then later installed a theme....but the album art doesnt show in ipod...instead it writes picture file  names ike "bg.bmp", "p6.bmp" do i fix this ? ???

Album Art is not a supported feature. As well, this question does not relate to the installation process in any way, so you have asked it in the wrong forum. Album art problems should be asked in the Album Art flyspray entry, and problems with custom builds should be taken up in their thread.

Here is the flyspray entry for the albumart:
  FS#3045 — Album art display on WPS
To ask a question there you should first make sure
  that your installed rockbox version includes the albumart patch and which version!
To help and find bugs it's even necessary that you use a recent CVS with _just_ the albumart patches (and no other ones)!

BTW, if the albumart patch is not included in your rockbox version it will of course not be able to display any album bitmaps ;)

thanks for the reply guys :D...although i quiet didnt understand about the patch thing. ???...i really dont know whats a patch and how to install or stuffs like that...any way thank you ;D

Patch is a modification of the source code - here Rockbox. To use AlbumArt WPSes effectively you need to have a build (version) of Rockbox supporting it (using this patch).

I've finally found the thread you were asking for help with installation:

but we still have no idea what version you use.

"Official" versions: 2.5, CVS daily build and "bleeding edge" build don't support AlbumArt feature - they don't contain the patch.

To use AlbumArt you need to:
 - compile your own Rockbox with the AlbumArt patch added (what is obviously beyond your competences)
 - use one of the builds which the great guys like Senab, Josh or beloved PJulius offer. They are ready to use.

Anyway, AlbumArt is experimental and delivered not by official developers but by some Rockbox users. If you have a build supporting AlbumArt - try some different one, maybe that was an error in the build.
If it's not working - read the documentation how to use AlbumArt or try to get some help from its developers.

More information you will find in the Unsupported builds section.


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