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What are these forums for?


"Please read the posting guidelines.  The Rockbox forums are NOT for general palyer support." somebody wrote....

If the are not for support, then, what are they for?... and second, where are the forums for support? if there are any...

I think this forum is meant for users to help users. It's definatly not a support forum but rather a forum where people with great hardware experience (I'm sure you can find experts here that you don't find at misticriver or elsewhere) can give help users with serious problems.

Threads about broken players appear regularly in these forums, guidelines or not. So its better to give them an own forum.

For real support you have to go to your manufacturer (iriver, apple, ...)

You are referring to my post in your other thread.  Please note that this "Repairing broken players" forum was created *after* my message in your other thread, in response to the type of problem that you were having there.  Your thread has since been moved to this forum, but at the time you posted it, you posted it in a forum that was limited to discussion of Rockbox.

The posting guideline that is being referred to is the following:

--- Quote from: Rockbox forum posting guidelines ---Most Rockbox features work the same way on all supported Rockbox platforms.  Any question that relates to the operation of Rockbox generally should be posted in the "General Rockbox Discussions" forum.   Only questions specific to a particular model (for example, questions relating to installation, or questions about button layouts) should be posted in the forum for that model.

Note that the Rockbox Forums are limited to discussion of Rockbox and Rockbox-related issues.  The Rockbox Forums are not general support forums for jukeboxes that run Rockbox.  Please limit discussion to Rockbox-related issues.
--- End quote ---

As noted in the posting guidelines, the Rockbox forums are not the appropriate place to discuss general support issues that are unrelated to Rockbox.  For example, threads like "How do I transfer tunes from iTunes to my iPod" are not appropriate topics in the Rockbox forums, because (1) they have nothing to do with Rockbox, and (2) there are plenty of other resources on the internet where such questions can be answered.

This "Repairing Broken Players" forum is a narrow exception to that rule.  As Llorean noted in the "POSTING IN THIS FORUM" thread:

--- Quote from: Llorean ---Post here when you think your player actually has physical damage, essentially some part of your hardware having failed in some way, and you hope that someone might be able to suggest a means of replacing or repairing it.
--- End quote ---

This forum has been added to the Rockbox boards mainly as a convenience to Rockbox users and in recognition of the fact that there is a level of technical expertise here that might not be found elsewhere.  As noted above, this forum is limited to specific problems (i.e., physical damage to hardware), and should not otherwise be used as a general support forum for non-Rockbox related issues.


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