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Bookmarking doesn't work


Trying to use bookmarks in a playlist on iRiver H140.
Have cofigured the following settings:

Bookmarks on stop: Yes (even tried Ask-but noone asks me)
Load last bookmark: No
Maintain a list of recent..: Yes

When i press "Create bookmak" in the playing-context menu nothing happens.
When i tried the Ask-variant no question popped up

When selecting Recent bookmarks in the Main menu it tells me "Bookmarks empty"

Have i missed some setting, do i do something wrong or is it just not working?


Mad Big Sausage:
Is there a bookmark file created in the directory of the file you're trying to bookmark?

No, no bookmark file created in the directory.

I tried bookmarking in another playlist - worked fine, both the auto-bookmark when pressing stop and the manual bookmark.
Nothing wrong with the settings then. Must be the playlist.

What differs between the playlists is:
1. The non-working is LARGE - +5,000 entries
2. The non-working has been altered since creation.

Saw somewhere that when you alter a playlist it must be re-saved. But it's impossible to re-save the current playlist - "File not accessible".

FYI: My large non-working playlist is a scramble of ALL my music. I want to go through it all and make purposeful smaller playlists for different "moods" (jogging, relaxing, dancing, romancing etc.) Would be nice to be able to side-step this long process occasionally to listen to a specific track, without loosing track.


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