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--- Quote ---Seems simple enough, but the manual doesn't seem to cover this basic topic.
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Check section 3.3.4.

On the daily builds page, the last item should be "Fonts", right after the Source Archive

As for TagCache, once it's initialized you need to shut down and reboot your player. Then, hold "Menu" to pop up the quick menu, and tap Play a few times to cycle the "File View" at the bottom of the screen to "ID3 Database"

Thanks LLorean, but still no happiness.

Doing what you said, when I select artist, track, album, whatever I get a quick little popup that says tag cache is not ready.  Have I not initialized?

Fonts are on the daily build page, but not labeled.  Anyway, I downloaded them and extracted them to my .rockbox folder on the player.  When I try to change the display a small icon comes on in the upper right corner of my screen (disc?) but nothing else happens.

Are there other threads or FAQ's I can go to resolve some of these basic questions?

What Daily Build page are you looking at? They're labelled here:

The fonts are all in /.rockbox/fonts on your player right? A variety of .fnt files? Make sure it didn't put them in /.rockbox/.rockbox/fonts

And yes, it sounds like your TagCache still isn't initialized.

Once again, I managed to accidentally edit the original post instead of quoting it in a reply.  Sorry about that.


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