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ipod 5g not turning on

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Im scared i tried actualizing firmware and then when it said not disconnect ipod the
electricity in my house failed and then it apeared the apple l,ogo and..
nothing happened i wait like half hour and i rebooted and now my ipod
is not turning on

Try putting your iPod into Disk Mode(Menu+Center then Menu+Play/Pause) and then plugging it in to your computer and restoring.

it doesnt work
i hear a almost unaudible nudge when i plug my ipod in my computer
profanity removed
i bought it 5 months ago with all my savings and now this ...
im completely sad and need help desesperately so please help me
thanks in advance

what happens when you plug it in?

Tell apple your ipod wont turn on, the will say your HDD is "messed" Removed by Llorean. Seriously people, is watching your language that hard? up, and you will be elgible for a new one under warrenty.


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