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Rockbox has undefined instruction and prefetch abort.

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This happens every time I try to play music....Any music.....ANy one know ow to fix it....I'm using a 5G 30GB Video iPod with Juliu's build... Only when I'm playing an MP3..

A - Are you using the 32 meg build or the 64 meg enabled build?  You need to be using the 32 meg build.
B - Your custom build is not official and all support questions should go to the thread where you got the build.
C - Try to reproduce the error with a stock daily build.
D - Whenever installing a new build it is always a good idea to boot your ipod with the hold switch on to clear settings.  Did you do this?

I'm using the 64mb build..and there was no thread it was Julius's website/blog .... and i don't understand C(I'm kinda a noob with rockbox more used to Linux) and I did D.

C - Go to the Daily Builds page, download and install today's daily build.  Check to see if your problem still happens.

If he's using the 64mb build on a 32mb target, that's almost guaranteed the cause of his problem right there.


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