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Soundboard recording with H120

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I am somewhat new to recording with my H120, and I was wonder about the best way to record a show through the soundboard (mixingtable).

If it is a digital signal, and they have optical out, I guess I should use the optical S/PDIF in on my H120 ??

( This is what I use when I record radio with it, toslink out and S/PDIF in. )

If is an analog signal. Should I record the analog signal through the line in ?? Or should I try to convert the analog signal to a digital one ?? If the latter, would the job be done by an AD 20 A/D-converter, or is that strictly from converting microphonesignals ??

I thank you in advance for your responses.

Well it depends if the external A/D converter you have is good quality. But in general if you can record digitally, do it.

There's quite a bit of information and discussion to be found on Registration is required even to view that site (it's just one big forum), but it's worth it.

If the soundboard has optical out just do that, otherwise go line-out to AD-20 to optical to H120.
Sounds like a good time.  :)


--- Quote from: Davide-NYC on August 19, 2006, 10:01:50 PM ---...otherwise go line-out to AD-20 to optical to H120.
Sounds like a good time.  :)

--- End quote ---

This will most likely clip.  The AD20 has min 17dB gain.

I contacted Denecke by mail, and since AD 20 is a mic pre-amp I will need a - 22 db attenuator cable, which they manufacture.

This sounds like a detour to me, or maybe it isn't, since I obviously can use the AD 20 both for this, and as a mic pre-amp.

I still wonder, before I give my dollars away, does anyone know of any better products for this ??


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