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Help. Dead iriver!!!!! DEAD!!!

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Was this a standard iRiver AC adaptor?


Open it up, see how things are looking inside. Maybe the battery has swollen or just took it's last breath for air (ummm died  ::))
Anyways could be that it just got too much current and something got fried.. compare your board to a working one.


I just wanted to open a new thread addressing the same problem. I was running Rockbox for only 2 days and was experiencing a lot of system crashes that could be solved by pressing the reset button. Yesterday, when the battery was going low the player simply shut off and would not turn on anymore. At first I thought that the battery was completely drained, however, recharging it did not solve the problem. It does not respond to any input anymore, there is no text on the screen, no hard drive activity - nothing. I also found the player to be quite hot after recharging it. As soon as I return home from my holiday on Monday I will open it to see if there is any visible interior damage. If anybody has any further suggestions I would really appreciate any help!

PLEASE READ THE POSTING GUIDELINES.  The Rockbox forums are for Rockbox discussion.  They are NOT for general player support.

Sorry if my post was against the forum rules. I am not sure if it is a hardware or a software (Rockbox) related problem. Just trying to see if anybody had some advice on how to fix it.


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