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Help. Dead iriver!!!!! DEAD!!!

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Today  I tried to turn on my h140 and... screen no welcome.. nothing... I plugged it and nothing... I left it plugged for about 30 mins and when I tried to turn it on, again nothing... and even more frightening, it was very HOT....  HAs anything like this happened to anybody? If so, how did you solve the terrible problem? Is there a solution or I will have to resign any hope... Please, anybody, answer me...

When you say, plugged it in, are you talking about usb or AC adaptor?

I would try plugging into the AC adaptor for a while.


ac adaptor.. to the electricity... and it got really, really hot...

Now my avatar doesn't seem very funny. :'(

I also plugged it to the usb and nothing.  the computer doesn't see it


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