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Mpeg2 Support in Docs


I noticed that the chip documentation here:

Mpeg2 is supported.  Anyone tried to playback TooLame files or Mpeg2 aac files yet?

I did, and they played fine. Max bitrate is 320 though, else they'd be a good alternative to mpc.

I doubt that AAC is supported. Did you really try a real AAC encoded stream?

TooLame creates plain layer 2 streams unless you enable the VBR option. Did you really try a VBR encoded TooLame file?


My apologies, I only tried Toolame mp2s not aac.
I had read on Hydrogenaudio that if you renamed them to .mp3 they would play but that wasn't necessary. To clarify, Toolame encodes mpeg 1 layer 2 files. I only tried 320 and 384 constant bit rate. The 320s played but not the 384s.


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