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FLAC troubles - some play but not all

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I have noticed a strange problem today (first time playing this album).

When I try to play a particular album encoded in FLAC rockbox trys to play the first song, then jumps to the next album in the file tree. The next album plays with a glitch hitch or snitch.

Strange thing is, I have encoded the two albums exactly the same way. In fact the two discs were encoded one after another on the same computer. Extraction done with EAC on secure mode and then converted to FLAC, both tagged exactly the same.

Both play fine from my computer.

Why would rockbox play one but not the other? ???


Were there any CRC errors in the .log (from the rip)?  My ipod is almost exclusively filled with .flac albums and I haven't experienced the problem you just described.

Nope. No errors at all.

I just tried again, no luck

Another wierd thing i noticed:
In the File tree it lists:

Tom Waits - 1985 - Rain Dogs
Tom Waits - 1988 - Big Time
Tom Waits - 1999 - Mule Variations
Tom Waits - 2002 - Alice

It plays Rain Dogs, Big Time and Alice Fine.
When I try to play anything from Mule it jumps back to Big Time.
Then if I press >>| it trys to play the first song in the Mule folder again...
The WPS shows:
no file!
Then it shows the file name it is trying to play then jumps back to the Big Time folder.

If I try to play the first song in the Mule folder it will say its trying to play track 2...if I try and play the third song it will say it is tryingti play track 4...etc.

Do the problem FLAC files have ID3 tags???
Double check.
RockBox doesn't like it when ID3 tags are present in FLAC files.

AFAIK all my FLACS I created do have ID3 tags. I will recheck the actuall files that are on the ipod when i get home (no cable at work).

If they problem FLACS have ID3 is there an easy way to mass remove them (ie with Godfather or tag and rename)?


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