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hi, today is a big day for me and for my h340 ;D beacause i have installed rockbox :D and then i'm newbie i cannot play video?? or how canplay video? thx!!!!  to all for all

To play video with Rockbox: (NO SOUND)

To play video with original firmware:

Read through those and you have all the info you need on getting videos to play on your H340.

ohh no sound  :'(  but thx a lot!! with the original firmware play video nice with a great ncoder virtualdub... and what about the sound?? ;)
sorry for my english, a'm spanish i'm so sad

please be patient, we've only had video for a week now ;)

hold REC while starting your iriver to boot into the original firmware where you can play video+sound as before

 :o ;D ok, ok a have a lot of patient thx thx  thx


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