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USB charging issue ?


I would like to inform you about maybe a little issue.
It concerns charging ipod (5G) trought a car adapter.
I got a "cigar-lighter" which has a female usb plug. (so only ground and +5v connector, no data).

When i plug it to my ipod (with the apple cable) it start rockbox, boot, restart, start rockbox, boot, restart, ... etc.
I found a solution by using the original firmware (only when i want to charge my ipod in the car).

The reason for this happening is because of Rockbox's USB detection,
which only decides if there is a USB connection by if there is any power
being supplied, which it then reboots into Disk Mode. Disk Mode however,
detects that there is no actual connection and then reboots back into Rockbox,
which the cycle then repeats itself as you've said.

Another solution is to hold Menu as you plug in the charger to your iPod,
while in Rockbox. This will allow you to use Rockbox, as it charges.

This is a well known thing, and has been discussed many times before...

Ok thanks for your answer ... and sorry for the repetition.


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