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--- Quote from: Llorean on August 21, 2006, 06:29:05 PM ---It was decided there was no need for target-specific forums, for general purposes. They primarily served to confuse and clutter everything because people didn't realize that most questions (at the time) belonged in General Discussion, since they were about aspects of Rockbox itself, not hardware-specific concerns.

--- End quote ---
Absolutely, I found it annoying to have to view all the separate target forums to keep up with all the Rockbox functionality topics.

The new forum structure is much better.

I agree, much better :)


It took a little while to get used to, but I think it is a improvement, in theory it should help new users too

The only thing I dislike about the new setup is that I cannot collapse the forum topics I have no use for. In the old setup I could do so for all but general discussion and iRiver ports..

Not really a big deal, but it clutters the screen..

Did I not make them collapsable (they're showing for me, but it might be my admin-ness), or is it an issue of the fact that they aren't as divided into categories (that one I can't fix as easily ;))?


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