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the new forums are terrible in my opinion.

i come to the forums frequently to read about new features or to get help on an already implimented feature. now while looking through the forums looking for help, i click thread titles that i think are for the ipod but are really for another port of rockbox.

if you're going to keep this forum arrangement, at least change the rules so people must post what port of rockbox their post applies to.

The thing is, there's really only "Rockbox" and it RUNS on several different types of players.

For example, when you ask for windows help, it really doesn't matter much if you're on a Dell or an eMachines, or something you built yourself. You're asking for help about windows.

So, I don't understand your problem with needing to find iPod specific threads, *especially* regarding new features.

i never really considered the dell/eMachines idea. good point, in that case great job on the forums and keep up the good work on rockbox  :)

Thanks Llorean, that was what I was looking for.


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