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Have all the old forum posts been brought over to the new one (if they had to be).

I've lost a post that I was hoping to follow up at some stage. It was to do with the mod format and had reference to dumb (possibly s3m, it & xm). I did not create the thread. The last post to it was about 1 month ago.

I've done a search with and without my name but cannot find it.

Is there a way to search just a users posts with out having anything else in the search criteria? I wanted to find all my posts, but couldn't see an easy way it could be done.

This the thread you're looking for?

The move for all the threads will take quite a while. As I said, if you can't find a thread, contact me with enough information to track it down. If your thread is in the off-limits areas still, you WILL NOT be able to find it until we move it.

Bravo with the new forums!

I am so happy Rockbox is still advancing and did not just fall apart.

Thanks to all those who have contributed.  :)

I like it, before it was like everyone was in their own little camp for whatever target they used. Now though, we all have to mingle together, not sure if that's a good thing though :P

Yeh I can see it now, The iRivers brawling with the Ipodders and what not...
(the only two players i could think of :O)


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