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As you can see, some changes are happening here. Over the course of the next week(ish) expect to see more. The post counts will slowly decrease in the existing forums as the back pages are moved to the new (hidden at the moment) ones. Then, as we approach finishing, the forums will be locked briefly (in theory no more than a day, and hopefully only a matter of hours or less) while the remainder of posts are moved. Then reopening with the new categories.

In some few cases members' post counts may decrease. This will happen in the case of older or invalid topics being pruned.

I apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused during this process.


--- Quote from: accel on August 19, 2006, 04:35:58 AM ---yeah, you better apologize

--- End quote ---

where's the smiley?

Ok enough is enough accel. Next time you use that sarcastic tone I will ban you.

I have already deleted a useless post from you, this is the second one.
Stay on topic and don't post unless you have to say something informative.

Now on topic....

To all members:
We may have to do the transition today, so don't be suprised if something seems weird. We all hope that it will be a swift transition.

Even if there are some annoyances at start or some confusion, the new forum scheme will make things way better than now. (at least in the long run)


what has happened with "old" posts ?!
for example i was looking to my post iRock for iPod 5G WPS, but i can't find it anywhere...
more generally speaking, is there no more specific forums dedicated to different targets ?

Many old posts still exist but haven't been moved over yet. This is a time consuming process, so we moved the most recent / active posts first. If you'd like, I can look for a specific old post.

It was decided there was no need for target-specific forums, for general purposes. They primarily served to confuse and clutter everything because people didn't realize that most questions (at the time) belonged in General Discussion, since they were about aspects of Rockbox itself, not hardware-specific concerns.

Also: Your post is on the WPS section.


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