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WARNING To those who use the bootloader 2


I installed the bootloader myself on my 30gb iPod and it went smoothly.  It lasted for about 2 weeks and then 3 days ago I went to select a song and it froze (in Apple OS).  I held menu and select and it restarted and would only show that Apple boot image.  Usually this is after the BL.  Luckily apple replaced it without really questioning me, but they did say the problem was a crashed hard drive.

A) Loader 2 isn't ours, so you should probably post this were loader 2 comes from.
B) Hardware failure is usually indicative of: BAD HARDWARE. It's somewhat unlikely your loader caused this.

Yea I know the loader2 isn't yours, I just wanted to put this up here because I know a lot of people use it.  Yeah it must have just been bad luck, but Apple replaced it no problem.

I had the same problem with only apple  OS installed. Apple customer servce told me to connect into disk mode then

: start

: right  click on my comp


:disk manage

change the usb letter to "i"

:right click on your ipod

:format Fat32

: run ipod updater

: restore

hope this helps if anyone elses crashes at boot up.


It wouldn't even go into disk mode.


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