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Rockbox/iPod Problem, Partition Deleted

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Um, I seem to have a super-freak problem with my iPod and Rockbox. Rockbox was working great, but than I was messing around with my computer and installed Vista. I was transfering files betweens operating systems via my iPod, using it as a sort of external HD, but than Vista ruined everything... I plugged it in and it corrupted a file and tried formating my iPod automatically. I canceled the process, but I'm positive it still got some important Rockbox files, maybe even an entire partition. Now my computer can't detect my iPod and it only gives me this message:

--- Quote ---Rockbox bootloader
Version: 20060126-1839
TPOD version: 0xFFFFFFFF
No partition found
Partition 1: 0x9B 28537 MB
Loading Rockbox...
--- End quote ---

I'm frazzled and don't really know where to begin fixing this, I would usually just restore a new iPod version with the iPod Update Utility, but as I said... my computer doesn't detect it at all. Also, my iPod just keeps booting that message and than going to the dead battery icon. So some serious stuff is messed up... haha, why me?

Oh and as a little sidenote, never use Windows Vista, worst operating system conceived by a rich, rich, man. Go Steve Jobs! Go Linus! Go Windows XP! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

You need to force your ipod into disk mode - press and hold the SELECT+PLAY buttons together as your ipod is starting (i.e. when the Apple logo appears).  It should then stay in this mode, where you can charge it and hopefully connect it to your computer.

Once it's connected, you can look and see what Vista dis.  Maybe all it did was reformat the large FAT32 partition to NTFS - in which case you could try just reformatting it to FAT32 and see if your ipod will boot.

Otherwise, the Apple restore utility will hopefully work.

There's one small problem I just found... I can't force it to disk mode while it's plugged into my computer... I can unplug it than wait for the Apple logo to appear (because it keeps starting and stopping) and than do it. Yet right when I plug it back in it reverts to its dead charge mode and when I try to force to disk mode with it plugged in it just goes straight to the bootloader without even trying to go to disk mode. Ugh...I hate Windows Vista with an undying passion. :(

Wait.. So when you are in diskmode, and you plug your iPod in, it goes out of diskmode again?? Try charging the battery full first then, that might solve it... Otherwise, is there any Apple store near you? I bet they'll fix this foru you in a whoopa.

You do also realise that Windows Vista is still at the RC stage and isn't exactly stable. You had to trust Microsoft, that's a bad move I might say!


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