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audio skipping 5g


Hello all. I really love rockbox, but I have a big problem with it. I can't play any 256 kpbs files encoded with itunes aac. I have some 320 encoded with mp3 and they work really well, so it;s not a problem with high birtrates. I believe it's a prob with aac codec. I start the mujsic and after 4 or 5 secs it skips to the next and so on.
Does anyone know how to fix this?
Thank you so much

This is a known issue with Rockbox's AAC codec. Currently it only supports 128kbps iTunes files, the codec needs optimising.

thanks. do you know if it has the same prob with nero aac?

I could not get Nero AAC files to play when I tested (I had encoded them at q0.5 [the default], but I tried lower too, to no avail). This doesn't mean they won't play in the future though.


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