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 I know I posted this exact same problem here earlier - and I'm sure it was resolved too, but it seems to be back, or still present, in todays (r15102m-071013) build.

 Platform : Archos Player
 Problem : + and - keys transposed when incrementing/decrementing settings, or scrolling through lists of setting choices - at the bottom level. There is no problem in the top levels, on the volume adjust key sequence, or in file browser, or virtual keyboard.
 I don't use the player much, so I don't know if this problem has only just popped up, but I seem to recall (90% sure) it was fixed last time.


--- Quote from: jdgordon on March 31, 2007, 08:18:07 PM ---fix committed
--- End quote ---

Too bad.  Preferred the way it was.  Would be nice if we could map the buttons ourselves, and I don't mean with a patch.

This is nothing to do with the change in Sansa keymap.  It was 7 months ago and regarded to an internal change in how Rockbox handled buttons.

Will you please read threads before replying and stop spamming unrelated threads with your dislike of the button change.


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