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Hi all,

I just got Rockbox installed on my Nano (pretty sweet), but I don't seem to be able to play any .ogg files.  The 'now playing' screen appears, but the whole thing just freezes and I have to reboot.

Based on posts of similar problems, I have tried removing tags and also encoding using the Lancer encoder, but nothing seems to make any difference.  I'm using rockbox-ipodnano-20060813.  Oh, and the input files are FLAC, and both these and the output .oggs work fine in Winamp.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Any input would be very gratefully received.



I seem to have no problems playing Oggs. Have you tried with the reference encoder? Do other music formats work?

Flac seems to work, haven't tried anything else yet.

Is there a Windows binary for the reference encoder that I can try? seems to only have the source - although there are 3rd party binaries for things like oggdropXPd and BeSweet.

Perhaps I'm not using compatible settings with Lancer?  Could anyone please provide an example command line known to work?

It would make more sense for you to provide the switches you're using instead... I don't think it's gonna make any difference, however. Don't know what to say--all my stuff is encoded w/Lancer (usually ~q6) and plays just fine on my nano & video.

I have used Q6 Lancer and Reference encoded (encoded using dBpowerAMP) vorbis files on my 5G with no issues whatsoever. Did you use a front-end to encode these files? If so, which one?

You should post any command lines you've used, this might make things more obvious.


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