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HELP needed! Jukebox 20 Gives Black screen when starts and i cant fix it! :(

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hey guys n jukebox 20 recorder wont start up..ive tried 2 different hard drives on it and it gives a full black screen every time i try no matter what fireware i try...what should i do? i love my jukebox recorder for the amazing sound quality more then my ipod and cant loose it!
please help me out ???
the drive show sup on my computer when connecte dvia usb and i can tarnsfer stuff still..just no mp3 or interface at all cept black screen..
thanks :(

I don't want to point out the obvious, but by "black screen" I assume you're talking about the contrast?

If so, then you'll need help in either creating and loading a theme, or you'll need guidance on how to navigate to the contrast setting via the menus.

When I have moved themes from JBR to JBR I have notice that the contrast settings are too dark to read the screen sometimes.



ok..i dont think its the theme doesnt work at all like wont load anything, no boot screen nothing, and theres nothign insalled, i tried it without a hard drive and with a formatted one without an o/s, the screen still does it, the thing acts like it doesnt no what to load and what to do like the internal flash is dead or something.
thanks anyway and i know what you mean byt he contrast being to much to read anything, but thats not it.

To clarify: Do you get a black screen (all pixels dark), or a blank screen (nothing showing at all)

Also, do/did you have Rockbox flashed?

How about replacing the lcd screen? If the HD starts up fine maybe it's just the screen (or worse, its controller...).


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