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Big problem trying to update build

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Hello everyone. Everything was going great with RB, i was using the daily builds posted on the site every day. Now i think starting on the 10th, when i went to update, i opened the zip with winzip, clicked extract, chose my ipod drive, and clicked okay, it prompter me asking to replace, i clicked yes to all and i immediatly get the error

"The file or directory is corrupt and unreadable"

Any help? I don't think it's my ipod, because i can update songs using itunes, and i can also transfer some files to it using winzip.

Thanks in advance.

Did you try it again with another download?

I've tried multiple downloads. I tried much older builds, experimental builds, none of them work.

For whatever reason I can drag the rock.ipod file from winzip to my ipod, i cant extract the folder as a whole.

I had a problem similar to this a while back.  Try deleting the rockbox folder and rockbox.ipod manually.  Then extract the zip to the root folder.  That worked for me.

I tried this as well, but it won't let me delete the .rockbox folder. It WILL however let me delete the rock.ipod file. It tells me something along the lines of  cannot delete because the folder is not empty. I tried deleting some of the files in it, but they just keep coming back.


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