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iriver flash?

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If you try to force it to boot from disk, and no rockbox.iriver is found in root or /.rockbox/ it should probably return an error message or something then.

Having flashed bootloader and replaced original firmware, boot time on my H140 is now < 3 seconds... fantastic!


--- Quote from: Mikerman on August 13, 2006, 09:09:32 PM ---Am just curious as to the benefits or not of flashing

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You can't play WMA with RockBox (as of now).

is there some way to cache the unicode font into the rom? or maybe in the future?

this is truely amazing that i can finialy flash my iriver woo hoo im so excited to do it, but where can i find bootloader 7? i have flashed my iriver but i was just wondering where bootloader 7 is? is that the version you have on your player after you flashed it?


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