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iriver flash?

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it seems like flashing to rom is possible?
how do i do that?

also, builds these days seem "less responsive" and more buggy

for example, i have to really move the joystick to certain direction in order to get it working; "tapping" the joystick with my thumb doesnt work anymore: sensitivity seems to be lower than it was before (i know this isn't just the unit since the sensitivity is quite normal in the original firmware)

also, sometimes selecting another song while playing doesnt play that last selected song, but just goes back to wps

1. yes

I'd be interested in hearing user reactions to flashing Rockbox.  I've read the documentation (thanks for the link!) and wonder about the advantages of flashing, as Rockbox already seems to work so well as to a number of the flashing benefits that I see (for example, my boot-up right now is a whopping 6 seconds).  Am just curious as to the benefits or not of flashing--it's always been nice having an alternate firmware available (the original iRiver) including for some things not currently in Rockbox, such as ff and rew with sound, and 1-button A-B looping (I guess recording to MP3 would fall here as well).

The benefits are as listed. If they don't really suit you, there's no need to flash.

Absolutely--just seeing if there are user impressions from having done so.   


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