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Figured out good !Bass! EQ settings for Koss Plugs on iPod.Interested anyone...?

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just wanted to ask if anyone has a good Custom Preset for KOSS Plugs (A Setting that features much Bass).I messed around with the settings but couldnt get one that satisfied me.




if anyone is interested,I figured out a very good (general) preset for bass-loving people like me(Earphone depending->With Apple Earphone it sounds like crap,with Plugs perfect).I mainly listen to Emo,Metal,Rock but also Electrostuff and the preset works for all kind of styles.

So,if someone is interested I would upload the cfg.

(Hardware) Settings have to be Bass:6(needs adjustment sometimes to 5 or 7)

(Hardware)                                 Trebel:4 (5-6 etc.)

(Graphic EQ Settings in *.cfg)

May be its not interesting for many people but i´ve searched many hours to find a proper config on net Net(and didnt find it...)

A - This isn't really ipod specific.  If you do believe it to be ipod specific, it surely isn't Nano specific.
B - Which Koss plugs are you talking about?
C - You really should have edited your original post instead of creating not only a new post, but a new thread!

Tried to edit but didn´t find a button to do so (may be i´am blind ??? )

I am talking about the "Standart" Plugs (mauve/purple coating),not Sparkplugs for example.

Doesnt the EQ / Sound Outputquality depend on the hardware?So i apologize for the wrong Thread ( i-Pods having all the same Audiohardware,dont they)?So the Apple iPod General Thread would have benn more suitable.

its the modify button to


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