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Hi there,

One more question...

How do I create playlists? I read the manual, saying to play one song in a folder, so the whole folder is the playlist.

But I would like to create a playlist with different songs, from different artists / albums.

I used to sync my iPod G5 with iTunes, so I had all the playlists (eg. My favorites, Blues, Classical, Country, Shania Twain etc.) Some of the songs are in multiple playlists (eg. a song from Shania Twain in her playlist, and also in "Country" and "Favorites")

How do I get managed the rockbox' playlists to handle this similar?

Is there any software available to create playlists on a PC for easier use (drag n drop) and sync?

Actually I only have one playlist, with all the songs in it.  Because I still using the iTunes folder-structure on my iPod.

How can I manage that easily?

Thanks in advantage

This would be a good start: would the manual ;)

hm, maybe a good start for people with iRiver, but I have an iPod.

I read the manual, but this don't work for me. As I would like some songs in different playlists. If I have to do this procedure with every song, I die before im finished...

Actually I have 1900 songs to manage somehow...

Playlists work exactly the same on ipod as on iriver.

The one thing that wiki page does not describe is the "playlist catalog," which is a new feature.  When you hold select/navi on a file to bring up the file context, there are now two playlist options:  playlist, and playlist catalog.  The playlist option will take you to the insert, etc. screen where you can insert or queue a song in the existing playlist.  The playlist catalog will let you add the song to any existing playlist in a directory that you specify.

If this still doesn't provide the information that you need, then you need to be more specific about what it is you are trying to do and what the trouble is that you have having.

ok I now got it working, deleting my iTunes folder and created a folder structure Music\Playlists.

So I copied all my songs (eg. Shania Twain) to one Folder Music\Shania Twain and made a playlist of the whole folder.
So I have now different folders and playlists.

My little problem is, that I used to have serval songs in different playlists (eg. Rock this country from Shania Twain in the folders Favorites, Shania Twain and County). Now, I have this song three times on the disk, in each folder.

If I would like add songs seperately to each playlist or to multiple playlists, it would take ages....

When I synchronised the original iPod with iTunes, I just had to add a song to the playlists I wanted, maybe in all of them, but i still needed only one.

BTW: If I tried to open "Playlist catalog", it gave me "Playlists" doesnt exists... i created a folder Playlist in rockbox root and also copied all the playlist files from the rockbox root to this folder. Why doesn't rockbox create these playlist files directly in this folder (and creates it if needed)?

One more question: Is it possilbe to modify the mainmenu? I would modify it to following Entries:

Settings (in there Soundsettings, General Settings, System etc.)
Now playing

Could I do that?

Thanks for answers  :)


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