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How to create / modify Themes?


Hi there,

I just found this website, and now I'm very intressted in "modding" my iPod G5  :)

Basicly I would like a picture shown during playing. So I tried to use a theme from this site and use an other background image.

Unfortunately, it's not that easy because all the bars and text don't fit in my picture....

So I would like to create my own theme, or at least to change an other (moving / resizeing bars etc).

My only question is: How can I do that? What software are you guys using?

Thanks in advantace,

A theme is simply a configuration file that loads a certain:

-foreground and background color, and
-WPS file.

A WPS file is a file that sets up the "While Playing Screen."

You can find a description in the manual about how to use WPS files.   

You can open the cfg and wps files in almost any text editor, it's just plain text. The actually interface is a series of images in bmp format displayed conditionally. Also, all the syntax for configuration are in the wiki.

Good luck.


Hi again,

Thank you very much for your answers!

Sometimes i't's a good idea to read the whole manual ;)

I just made three new wps, maybe I'll send them to this site, so other users can download them too.

Again, thanks for your answers!



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