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I've patched a korean firmware version 1.28, doesn't work. I guess i need a later version, but i cant find it. Can anybody PLEASE post a link to it? PLEASE.

Have you checked this out:

There you have detailed instructions and links to all the firmwares.

By the way... What do you mean when you say it doesn't work? What happens?

Edit: Typo

Thanks. I'm not at my desktop right now to try it. What i ment that it doesn't work is that it boots into the iriver firmware normaly. (i did copy the appropriate folder and file to the root directory).

Do you get any kind of Rockbox info before the original firmware? If not, it seems as if you have done something wrong...

Did you follow all the steps of the installation instructions? Patching the firmware, unzipping the build of your choice to the root of your player and then flashing your player with the patched firmware. If you do this it should work...

Sometimes it makes a difference whether you name the file h300.hex or H300.hex


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