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I have an album of lossless files that causes problems in rockbox if I change any of the id3 tags. If I change any of the tags (this doesn't include the filename) and then play any of the songs, it either causes codec failure or just doesn't play the song. When it doesn't play the song, the track time stays at 0:00 / 0:00, the album art doesn't show, and every subsequent song that I play that isn't part of the album won't play unless I restart rockbox. I'm using mp3tag v5.1 to change my tags. I have Senab's rockbox experimental 30gb julius build installed.

The D:
What lossless format?


the files play perfectly on my computer, but won't play with rockbox.

1) Don't report bugs in their own thread unless they happen in an official build. Any problems exclusive to a custom build should only be brought up there.

2) There are no Lossless formats that use ID3 tags. FLAC uses vorbis comments, I'm not sure what shorten uses. So, if you really mean ID3 tags, that's your problem right there probably.

ok, i changed to today's official build. It doesn't lock up and do the second thing anymore, it just keeps causing codec failures.

And I don't really know anything about anything. I just gathered from what i've read that i'm changing id3 tags. I may be changing vorbis comments or whatever, but I'm changing something that's messing things up. I've changed the vorbis comments or id3 tags or whatever of at least 30 other albums in .flac format, and they all came out fine. I'm just wondering why this one isn't.


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