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Themes problems - things are not in their places

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I installed Rockbox this evening and I am very impressed and satisfied.

I tried to install some themes from
I noticed that texts are not in the right places compared to the images. I searched this forum, but didn't found anything. (I'm french and I have difficulties in English).

What's happening ? Thanks for your help.

Some of those themes require patches, and are incompatible with the official builds of Rockbox. Some also require you to have the fonts pack installed.

I have found the patche and with it, the themes are working.
But the iPod isn't as stable as with the official rockbox.ipod :(

 some themes dont come with the required font for that theme, so if you dont have that font loaded on your ipod, the one that it uses wont be the right one.  and you may also need a non-official build.

try this build:  , choose the ipod video one. the one that has 64 mb at the end is for 60 gig ipods

and this font pack:   newest at the top

Thank you
I installed the Julius path and all works great

I install the fonts too.
Thank you !

Will the patche be in the official release of Rockbox ?


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