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iriver h120 track skip

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I'm having a problem with certain tracks in my iriver.  The tracks in question play about half way through, then jump to the middle of the next track.  I can play back the next track from the beginning if I select it directly.

I'm using rockbox with a daily build from 8/08, but the problem exists with if I boot with iriver software as well.

The tracks in question play on my computer just fine.

Any insights?

Thanks to all for the software and for teaching an old dog new tricks.

1) You haven't told us anything useful about the tracks, such as what format they are.

2) Do you mean to say, in the iRiver firmware they skip like that as well? Because if so, it's very likely a problem with the tracks.

Sorry, I'm a bit new at this. 

The tracks are all mp3,  some are my rips, some not.  Can't say what codecs were used except on mine, which are Lame at 256 vbr.  And the tracks are ok when checked on my computer, but skip when transfered to iriver.

Thanks again.

Again, do you mean they skip in the iRiver's firmware, or they skip in Rockbox ON the iRiver?

They skip on both rockbox with patched firmware, and on iriver firmware.


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