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--- Quote from: talos321 on September 13, 2006, 02:17:18 AM ---Yes I know all of this I spoke with you many times on CEC's forum and emails.

Well maybe those cute animations cec puts on the players will play at that rate, I was using music videos/movies.

I told you about the software that will alphabetize the files since everyone from CEC said to "defrag" it :-p

Cheers if Hi-x8 gets ported I will order one from you the next day if I see progress.

I will then order one and start learning to contribute, at present I'm not capable of doing it from scratch myself.


--- End quote ---

First of all, thanks for that trick.

I believe by the time Rockbox works on X8, we might have other new models you might want to consider. (No concrete plan on new hdd based m4 the moment.)

To aid/encourage efforts to reverse engineer this mp4 player, here are photos of the opened X8.
(Higher resolution photos available from me.)

Bagder should have made X8 PCB diagrams and OTG datasheets available to Rockbox developers. Or request it from me.

So far, I am not aware of any significant progress on this port.

X8 with its front cover opened.

X8 with its front cover and LCD flipped

X8 with its LCD removed. Note that the connector next to the battery is used to connect to the keypad on the front of the X8.

X8 with its battery flipped

X8 with its back cover opened. This is where the hard disk is installed.


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