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Alright, so I read the "Read this first" thread and I know how things are meant to work around here...

However, I know nothing about coding and very little about electronics!

I recently bought an HI-X8 player from China and my search for an alternative firmware led me here.

I found a log from a random forum where some people were discussing trying to port rockbox to this specific player, one person had gotten a copy of the schematics from the developer of the player but then the discussion didn't lead anywhere past this.

This player has absolutely amazing features:
  Mine has a Seagate 120gb drive in it
  Built in microphone and line-in recording capabilities
  Built in FM modulator that works flawlessly
  USB OTG support

It also has firmware upgrade abilities, so from what I understand it should be possible to make a rockbox port for this player.

Basically, I am willing to do what it takes to help make this happen.  As amazing as the potential of this player is, the firmware it comes with absolutely sucks.  It doesn't alphabetize the ID3 tag lists, or even the basic drive/file browser for that matter.  Above all, it won't let you do anything while you're listening to music.  You can't even browse files and add songs to the current playlist while listening. 

If someone could help or has any advice, I would really appreciate it.  I think this thing has the potential to be really great.

Yes, and the already existing thread that discusses a possible port is found here:

... even though it has been rather silent there for a while.

(I think this thread serves a purpose and didn't merge them since this uses the player name nicely and easily found in the subject)

Oh, my apologies.

I had tried searching these forums for references to this player but didn't find anything.

Thank you very much.

Just to update everyone that it is highly likely that we can't obtain the source code for the telechips because telechips simply aren't providing their source code!!!!

Anyway, if we can't get this Hi-X8, A8, X6 to use rockbox. We will probably use Rockbox in the other upcoming mp4 players.

If anyone would still like to do the hard work, and reverse engineer the telechips, you are welcomed to do so. We will support you with whatever information we know. (we have the source code for the OTG chip, hardware diagrams for the X8, etc)

oh that's a really bad news.... I was about to buy the H-X8 because of the futur port with RockBox.
Because from what I've heard, it is a really good device, but the interface is really bad... No I'm really unsure.


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