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problem with backdrops

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i have been searching everywhere for a guide explaining how to put backdrops on my video ipod, and i cant find one ???

i know that you have to convert them to a different format and resize them but im not sure what format and how big they have to be,

any help would be appreciated


320x240  24 bit bmp

just google for a freeware picture converter

could i use any picture or does it have to be that size already, i kno what bmp is but what is24 bit??

sorry im really new at this stuff, i just got pacman, doom, pokemon, and super marioland workind with rockbox so i just wanna figure out how to make a background image

thats the one im trying to use

i would just convert it for you but i cant attach it to this post b/c of its size.

go to this website and dowload the free trial, i'd get the abc.exe

after you have that installed, launch it, then press Ctrl+B to enter batch mode.  when your in batch mode, check the box that says "use advanced options."  then click the "options" button just to the right of that.  in the options check the "resize" box and then put 320 for the new width and 240 for the new height.  you also need to uncheck the "preserve aspect ration" box.  then click ok to save your settings.  now go to "output format" and choose .bmp at the very top of the drop down.  now just add your picture and click start.

thanks alot man i got it to work, i already had photoshop so i just used that

thanks again


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