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What use is a stop graphic?

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I have an iPod 5G but I'm fairly sure this would be true of all Rockboxen.

I could easily have missed something, but I can find no way AT ALL to get the stop graphic to display on my WPS. All the other graphics show up just fine, but when I stop (by holding down play/pause for a few seconds on my iPod) Rockbox goes to the menus.  if I hit Play to go back to the wps, it shows the Paused graphic, not the stopped graphic.

Now, I don't really mind it not showing, but if there's no way to display it, why is it coded in and why, other than me being a lemming, should I bother to make a graphic for it?

Or is there a way to display it and I just haven't found the right steps?

No, you're right, it has no WPS function :D

I have found some mention (prolly Wiki) that explained that because the WPS screen is the While Playing Screen, it disappears once playback stops so therefore the 'stop' icon is never displayed.

I presume the WPS tag includes it because the default Rockbox statusbar is shown in the file browser and does show a stop icon when playback has ceased.

Yeah, at the moment there is no point in adding a stop graphic to your WPS, unless you're running the left-to-wps patch which I believe can take you to the WPS even when music is stopped. A patch, mind you, that is exceedingly unlikely to ever get CVS inclusion.

I imagine the stop tag was really more of a completionist thing: All possible playback states.

So no, Llorean, tell us honestly:  how do you really feel about the left-to-WPS patch?


I was just pointing that out so he doesn't end up, like, creating an WPS with the expectation that people will ever see the start graphic. ;)


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