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Is Custom EQ in Rockbox Working Flawlessly?

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I bought an iPod Nano with the hope,that the sound quality was more than satisfying.Sadly the lack of Bass ,even with my Koss Plugs, (sounding like subwoofers with my Iriver Ifp 128:-) makes me feel like i wasted my money(why the hell is there no graphic/parametric EQ).And iám thinking to sell it again if there´s no "Bass-Solution"(Without editing all of my Songs manually with a Mp3 Programm)

Now my questions: Is the Custom EQ in Rockbox working flawlessly(all extras like crossfading etc turned off to prevent stuttering)?

And does someone know if Apple will integrate a Custom EQ in Nano Firmware in future Releases...?(Read something about a command line in Upcoming FW "Parametric EQ").

The parametric EQ works, but may cause playback glitches.  This will be corrected as Rockbox is optimized for iPod platforms.

Next time you start a thread, please use a descriptive thread title.  I've changed yours.

Thanks for your answer.

So the Parametric EQ in Rockbox does what i need(and it "improves Bass/Frequencies output" a lot better than Ipod EQ)?

I just have to be patient and wait for a stable release (ergo I dont have to sell my iPod:-) ?

Well, you yourself note that iPod doesn't have a graphic/parametric EQ.  Rockbox does.  Doesn't that answer your question?

Only partial because i´ve got three MP3 Players and the "quality" of the Custom EQ differed from Player to Player.

So is it really a Software or a Hardware limitation of the Nano to deliver good Bass?

(And yes! I could install Rockbox but I´am a bit careful because I just spend 5 Hours to fix my Laptop and I don´t wanna spend another Hour with my Nano).

Ah! Another question:If I change the Nano(Rockbox installed) to boot up the Apple FW again,will it behave like there would have never been Rockbox installed(Using Itunes,fast Boot up etc.)?


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