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H120 with OKM II R mic and Adapter A3 (battery life of adapter)


Was looking for a DAT replacement and got the IRiver 120 with Rockbox firmware.

Last night I used   the IRiver H120 for the first time. As with the DAT I connected
my OKM II R to the A3 adapter and then to the line -in of the IRiver.

Checked the adapter battery light before the show and all looked good.
Usually the battery in the adapater lasts long time . The manual says 100 hours of operating time,
I usually change it after 50 or so. The battery in the adapter yesterday had about 30 to 35 hours
on it before last nights recording .

Anyway the recording went fine but when I checked the recording this morning I had to find
out that after about 100min the sound gets "crunchy" and then after 10 more minutes the recording
gets very low in sound - after it was perfect for the first 100min of the recording.

After some investiigation this morning I finally checked the adapter battery and it was totally dead !
That explains why the recorded sound gets worse during the recording and finally it went to
a recorded volume from about - 60dB.

I dont think its possible but now I wonder and are a little bit scared that the IRiver takes power
from the A3 mic adapter and so drained it out last night ?

Is that possible or was it just bad luck with a bad battery last night ?

Its just no option to change the adapter battery during a recording. !

I stillc ant believe that the IRiver drains out the A3 adapter battery especially as I never had
such problem while DAT recording plus I always thought that the adapters power is used for the OKM II R mic
and not for the recording device.

Has anyone some experiences with this or even tapers who use the same setup can let me know
if that A3 adapter batttery is lasting less time with the IRiver than with my old D7 DAT ?
Or did I just had bad luck last night and shouldnt worry about my next tapeing with a fresh battery ?

Any help with this issue is greatly apreciated !

Thanks  elwood

The only thing I can think of is a bad battery or the adapter doesn't like the power the iriver puts on the plug (the line-in plug has around 3.7V on it).

Petur, thanks for the reply

As I thought about it today some time, read some manuals and researched the net
I think its very likely a bad adapter battery.

So far I understand that the IRiver doesnt take any power from the adapter but in opposite
has some power ( 3,7 V ) to provide via the Line In...

So the only other thing is what you mentioned - that due to some strange circumstances the
adapter dont like the power ON the line in and so this combination drained out the adapter battery

I think the only way to find out is another field test under concert circumstances which is just bad if the recording fails like last night

Or maybe I just place my mics in front of my hifi speakers and record some hours with the IRiver and see if the battery lasts.

Try recording without the A3. It works very well for my H140 and OKM I. Especially since I have a new 2200mAh Battery onboard my iriver.


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