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Have you read the Rockbox Manual?

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--- Quote from: soap on August 05, 2006, 12:09:14 PM ---If I may bitch a little, I'm going broke binding a new edition every daily build.
--- End quote ---
So, your complaint is that we keep the manual *too* up-to-date?    ;D

I went through the entire manual before loading rockbox on my ipod, and made mental notes.  After loading it, I perused the manual again to make sure I was getting the most out of it.

Since then, it's not been needed.

I installed Rockbox before there was a Manual available for the iriver. So my answer would be:

"I skimmed through the manual to confirm that I really know (almost) everything rockbox can do"

I read almost all relevant wiki pages, though before installing.

Admittedly I *always* read manuals for things at least once, just so I know the more obscure options, but I find myself going back to the Rockbox one frequently, mostly to understand why I can't make head nor tail of some of the menu options.

* bascule still finds some UI inconsistencies annoying, like Play to exit the menu, but Stop to exit a playlist  >:(

What menu does "Play" exit?


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