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Have you read the Rockbox Manual?

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I have read through the complete manual because quiet a lot of settings
in Rockbox are not self-explaining.

For example :
Dithering - yes/no : what is this setting doing? I have no Idea
Kompressor : Verhältnis : 6:1 : what is this setting doing? I have no clue

It would be nice if Rockbox could explain this a bit in the program and not only at the manual.

It simply isn't practical to include the documentation in the firmware itself (very few firmwares actually do this, and those that do are usually net-connected devices that can easily direct you to online documentation), and for the most part, Rockbox is set up in such a way that it will "Just Work" for most people with the default settings.

Generally speaking, if you don't know what a particular setting does, or why you should use or enable it, you probably don't need to.


hi there,
first, thank you for the rockbox firmware..... I have just discover it and keep out my old samsung YP-R0 to make it new and efficient by installing rockbox on it  :)
this is great ; maybe not as pretty as the original Samsung Firmware but so much more efficient..I luv it.

That said, as it seems that the port of Rockbox on YP-R0 is not completely approved, there is no specific manual for this mp3 player, so what is the closest manual that I can use for the Samsung ?
(actually, at random, I use the Toshiba Gigabit S serie)

nb : sorry for my bad english ..i'm working on  :-[

I did read the installation part of the manual before I loaded Rockbox onto my Sansa Clip Zip.
I used the automated process (why not?) and all was going well until I saw the pop-up about requiring the original Sandisk firmware (bin file). I aborted the install, worked out what to do and then started again with a successful result. I was surprised that the need to pre-download the Sansa firmware was not covered in the automated install instructions as far as I could see. Could the manual be updated to reflect this, or if it is there, make it clearer? Sorry if this is not the right place to make this comment but I couldn't see where else to suggest changes to the manual.

Bipolaman 69:
LOL.. looks like most of us are skim-readers..


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