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Have you read the Rockbox Manual?

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The purpose of this poll is to gather some information about how people use the Rockbox Manual. 

NOTE:  this poll refers specifically to the Rockbox Manual available in PDF and HTML format through the link in my signature.  (The PDF and HTML versions are built from the same source and should be identical in content.)  This poll does *not* refer to the "WikiManual" or to other wiki pages documenting features or functions.

Please feel free to explain how you have used the manual and whether you have found it useful.

I can do everything I want to do :)


trying to operate a new toy/machine without reading the manual is like banging your head against the wall, it's nice when you stop.....

but it's a guy, macho, ego thing..."dont nobody tell me what to do", "I'll get this thing to work without a freakin manual", whilst these sentiments are very admiral when you are stranded alone on an Island, not very condusive to getting gizmos to work, or utilising the full potential of a machine/toy.

In my poffession it is a constant headache to get the guys that operate B747's to read the manuals and stay current, so I do know a thing or two about "manuals" and the reluctance of "Men" to.....

Read The F*cking Manual

thats one of the reasons the aircraft manufacturers have automated aircraft so much, just push a button and sit on your hands.

Rant over, *pours scotch*

There are not so many options in RB that you cant try them all out fairly easily...

However, I am sure I would learn something if I were to read the manual.

How many printed pages are there?

I do use the wiki a bit though.


I have a leatherbound King James edition of the manual.

If I may bitch a little, I'm going broke binding a new edition every daily build.


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