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Possibly burned Jukebox


Hello eveyone. While in Europe, I tried to charge my Jukebox FM recorder using a power transformer in conjuction with the after-market charger that I always used in the U.S., but it never worked. On the third day, the transformer burned about 5 seconds after I plugged it, while connected to the Jukebox. I obviously disconnected the Jukebox and tried starting it, but it never did. There was some hard drive noise and both the red and green light came on. A few hours later I tried again, and although it never started, the red light would go on every time I tried until I exhausted the remaining battery, a reason for which I assumed the unit was not damaged. I have tried charging it today, but it does not seem to work. I have tried using the USB cable, a new charger, and while pressing the F1 bottom but it does not work. Any suggestions? If I burned it, is it repairable? Thanks in advance for your time.

Try another USB charger, with 1000mah or so. Not all USB chargers work well so better try a few (go to the store with your Archos). I've many times thought I exhausted the battery but it's like a phoenix... ;)


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