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I'm trying to use tagcache to view my music on rockbox by artist, etc. I loaded music on there through iTunes, and it shows up correctly when I boot to the original firmware, the regular apple GUI, but when I press and hold menu to get it to display on rockbox, it comes up with only a screen with options in the right, left, and bottom areas of the screen for playback. Am I missing something? It's not displaying that I have/it finds any music on the ipod

You should re look at the controls for rockbox... press the middle button in the while playing screen to go back to the file browser ;)


Have you initialized the Tag Cache?

Have you set the View Files mode to "ID3 Database"?

How do you set the view files mode to ID3 Database? is it on the ipod itself?

You hold down the menu button until you get that screen with arrows on the right/left/bottom, then you press play (down) to toggle through the view options to get 'ID3 Database'. Then you'll need to initialize tagcache by going into the file view settings.

Read the manual. Link in Febs signature.


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