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Mp3 playback stops and goes

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Ipod Color, FLAC playback is just fine, but just as the title says, Mp3s will pause for a beat about every 3 or 4 seconds, and then continue playing, uninterrupted, for another few seconds, then pause again. Seems to be indifferent of bitrate. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

This has been highly discussed in the forums. I'm also fairly certain it's in the iPod FAQ. Please, in the future, read the FAQ and Manual, and do at least a search or two for terms similar to your questions before asking, as in many cases is will have been answered (in this case, many times and in many places).

The simplest method is to choose a while playing screen without a peakmeter (for example, iCatcher).

sorry about that, i looked searched through the faq and didn't see it in the ipod forums. much thanks.


sorry for wasting your time, won't happen again.


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