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Searching for the USB related code in rockbox firmware ?



Concerning a previous post I have made I was wondering where the USB controlling code is contained in the Rockbox firmware with the aim of changing the code to remove the hardware error I am receiving. I want to disable the USB power supply. I have turned off the USB charging in the settings but the error and the power supply symbol still remain.

This modification will allow me to use the newest Rockbox firmware which causes the same problem as the original firmware when I use the USB charging plugin. (I am currently using an older version of the Rockbox firmware which does not cause this error).


I think you are looking for firmware/usb.c

Do you remember which rockbox build works? The changes are months old.

I think the code you're looking for may not be there...

have a look at this:
It's a patch that deals with USB charging, it may contain some info for you to tweak your build.


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