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Two days ago, I bought a Dragonforce CD.

An hour ago, I ripped it with EAC, and used the latest Lancer encoder.

I then ran Replygain stuff on the songs and put them on my Iriver.

Now, all but one of the songs I put on won't play on my DAP. In the playlist viewer, I'll see this.

(ERR) Dragonforce - Revolution Deathsquad.ogg

The name of the song varies. The above is just an example.

So, does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

I get the same thing! I've noticed over the last week that some of my songs do not play. Either they don't play at all, or just for a little while and then skip to the next song. The same song can have different behaviours if it is played at different times... Every time it happens the song get the "(ERR)" in front of it in the playlist.

I have also ripped it with EAC, but I use the aoTuV b4.51 ogg encoder, 128kbps VBR.

I haven't been able to try to reencode the songs that seem to be broken yet, but I'll get back with info as soon as I have...


I tried reripping one of the broken songs, and the new file plays perfectly on my player. Gonna be a tough one looking through 5000+ songs to see wich ones are broken...

I was wrong though when I said that the same song behaves differently everytime it's played. Different songs behaves differently, nothing else.

I know that the ogg decoding isn't perfect in Rockbox, but this seems like a pretty nasty bug. Especially considering that the songs plays perfectly on the computer and the original firmware. If one of the developers want's one of my brokens songs for analysis I could find somewhere to upload it.


--- Quote from: Didgeridoohan on August 01, 2006, 05:34:27 AM ---If one of the developers want's one of my brokens songs for analysis I could find somewhere to upload it.

--- End quote ---

Please put such a file somewhere for download and submit a bug report about this!

Will do! I'd forgotten all about the bugtracker...

Edit: I just upgraded to the lates daily build and it seems as if it's working now... I'll do some research and then get back with info.


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